Tasty Tuesday: Peanut Butter Pie!

Okay, so my Tasty Tuesdays are kinda turning into a calorie, sweet-tooth fest. Sorry about that, but I do love sweets...and why not share something good and fun on a Tuesday, right? Right! So, on with today's entry: Peanut Butter Pie.

Why? Because my mother-in-law had peanut butter pie over the weekend to celebrate Radio Man and my 13th wedding anniversary! Yeah, she's a keeper. Now, the picture to the left is that pie, which technically came from Perkins. But the recipe below is mine. All mine! But MIL didn't have time to bake, so she took the short route, and that's fine by me.

If you choose the short route, run - DO NOT WALK - to the nearest Perkins. Ask them for a slice (or, heck, the whole pie) of Peanut Butter Silk Pie. And a glass of milk. Sit down. Eat up.

For the long route, on with the recipe!


8 ounces cream cheese - room temperature, please
3/4 cup confectioners' sugar, plus 2 tablespoons - keep this divided
3/4 cup creamy peanut butter - again, room temp, please
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 cup whipped cream - Redi-whip is my fave...use what you like
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 ounces shaved milk chocolate
8 ounces milk chocolate - melt it, baby!


In a double-boiler, melt the 8 ounces of milk chocolate - I use milk-chocolate chips because I find it melts better. Use what you're comfortable with. Once melted, pour the melted chocolate into the pie crust and allow it to sit and cool at least 5 minutes.

In a large mixing bowl combine cream cheese, confectioners' sugar and the peanut butter until it is light and fluffy. Three minutes usually does it. In another bowl, whip the heavy cream until its thick and light. Then, add the separated-out 2 tablespoons confectioners' sugar and vanilla extract. Whip until stiff peaks form.

Now, fold the whipped cream into the peanut butter mixture. Pour the batter into the pie shell - over that yummy chocolate you just melted - and sprinkle with the shaved milk chocolate bits. Freeze for 4 hours. Use the Redi-Whip or whatever you choose to garnish the finished product and serve.


  1. Here is my Easter dessert! Congrats on your 13th wedding anniversary!

  2. Thanks, Neecy! And I hope you love it!

  3. Yummy, yummy!
    It's too bad I can't cook, because this looks darn good.

  4. Oh, yum. Anyone who's ever had an affair and thought it was the ultimate in decadent pleasure has never eaten Peanut Butter Pie!

  5. OMG! This looks AMAZING! Peanut butter pie is my favorite!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I know you don't cook, D, but this is really simple. Try it!!

    Liz, YES-so much more decadent!!

    Sharon, can you believe I never had PBPie until we moved to Ohio? Love it!!

  7. Anonymous12:28 PM

    I love peanut butter pie! This very similar to the recipe I have! Yummy!

  8. Is there anything better, Jennifer?!? ;)

  9. My mom used to tell me to hold my breath as we walked by the bakery, I'd gain weight by sniffing the air! LOL - I think I just ate your whole pie. Yum!!

  10. Me, too, Sheri. I allowed myself one piece...and called it good. But it was actually delicious. ;)

  11. Oh- I think I may have a new fave dessert, Kristi! YUM. Thanks!


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