Sunday, September 16, 2012

Six on Sunday!

Hiya, readers! So my friends Jenna Jaxon, Christine Warner and Sara Elwood have been tempting me with their Six Sentence Sunday posts for months now...and I have a new book out, so I've decided to join in the fun!

What a Texas Girl Wants is a reunion romance, set in Texas. In this scene, their drunken-marriage-on-the-beach has been found out - and it's threatening to ruin both their lives.

"I don't expect you to stick with me. I dug this hole and I'll find a way out of it."

What was left of Jackson's better judgment flew out the window at the defeat in Kathleen's voice. He might not understand all of the family dynamics at work and he did think Mitchum was a fool for not seeing how great his granddaughter was, husband or not, but he understood the kind of loyalty that Kathleen had for the man.

It was the kind of loyalty he had been looking for his entire life. 

"What if we did stay married?"

Thanks for hanging out with me (and Kathleen and Jackson) this morning. Now head over to Six Sunday to see what some other authors have going on this fun Sunday morning!