Thursday, March 8, 2012

Are Cowboys on Your Keeper List?

Photo courtesy Cor23

I'll readily admit that I used to worship at the Louis L'Amour altar a couple times a month (thanks in part to my older brother). I loved those alpha guys, standing up for the little guy...and their strong women backing them up and sometimes leading the way. In college I got hooked on Diana Palmer's Long Tall Texans (Calhoun, Justin and Tyler to be specific). Ahhhhhh...

Oh! Sorry, I was blogging wasn't I? Okay, refocusing. Those books were a nice comtemporary alternative to true Westerns, which I still love but don't read often. It's been fun to see the resurgence of historical romances set in the West. I love a good Regency Rake, but cowboys are just so... Ahhhh...

Like the image above - isn't is beautiful? And a little you could reach out and touch the past. I love that.

Okay, refocused. Again. As I was avoiding research for the new wip cleaning the house, I saw my dog-eared copy of Long, Tall Texans, which made me think of those great L'Amour books and the new Westerns I've seen on bookshelves lately. I think I might pick one up.

What's on your keeper list? Are all of the books there sure to bring a smile to your face just by looking at the cover? There to take you to a simpler time, maybe when you were curled up in bed, too sick for school and too bored to stare at the ceiling for another minute?