Thursday, April 5, 2012

Are You A Dream Chaser?

Being a romance author, it probably won't surprise any of you that romantic movies - of the comedy, mystery, suspense and all other varieties - are my favorites. Ryan Gosling? Check! A little silliness? Double-check! Great chemistry - think Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey - triple check! But one of my all-time favorite movies is Pretty Woman. It's a movie that has heart - a heroine who is feisty and looking for more, a hero who is severely wounded but won't show it...and it has some great lines.

But probably one of my favorite lines is not from Julia Roberts or Richard Gere. It's from the rasta-dude walking the neighborhood shouting, "Hey! What's your dream? Everybody comes to Hollywood has a dream...." Because we all have dreams. In the movie, I think Viv's dream is just to get out of the bad situation she's been in her entire life - to have someone believe in her. I think Edward wants the same thing - someone to love him and believe in him not because of his money...but because of who he is inside.

We all chase dreams and sometimes we reach our dreams and find out they aren't what we imagined and sometimes we reach them and realize there is more road to be traveled to an even bigger dream.

I realized one of my bigger dreams a few weeks ago when I signed a contract to sell my first book. And I realized another one this week when I saw the cover of my book - and, yeah, got a little teary! - but there are more dreams to chase. Selling Book #2. Getting a great review. Getting fan mail. Selling Book #3. And there are dreams that aren't related to my writing career - seeing my daughter fall in love and live her own happily ever after. Sailing around the world with my personal romantic hero...the list goes on.

I started thinking about dreams not because of my book sale, but because I got more news this week - my niece, who is graduating college next month, just landed her dream job: teaching English to students in France. She's been dreaming of living and working in France since...well, basically birth. We don't know where it comes from, but that dream and drive is there. She visited twice on school trips and was an exchange student last spring. And all of those trips just made her drive to move to France more solid. And it makes me a little teary to think how lucky she is that she has that drive and that she's realizing this one dream so soon...because it opens up a whole new world for her.

So, from Megan and me and for all the other dreamers out there...keep dreaming! Keep working and keep your eyes on that big dream you have. Because we all have dreams, even if we don't live in Hollywood!

So, what's your dream?