Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Things We Learn

My friend Moriah Densley blogs now and again about the crazy things her kids say and do, and her posts are always an 'ah-ha' moment of 'thank God I'm not the only one' for me. This week was picture week at bebe's pre-school. And I was reminded - yet again - how out of my depth I am a lot of the time as a girly-girl pre-school mom.

we call this the 'veil style', usually put beads at the Xs
Let me first say that, although I write romance novels and many of my heroines are smart and savvy and up-to-date on the designers of the moment....I'm so not. I've never been a girly-girl. Yes, I have a slightly-above-average shoe fetish and yes I probably own too many dresses. But my favorite outfits include track pants, jeans and tees. bebe? No, she is a girly-girl. She wants dresses and crowns and painted nails and her hair done just so

So, when I realized at 8:15 Wednesday morning that it was picture day - and we had to leave for school in 15 minutes, I knew there would be trouble. Threw bebe in the shower, did the fastest wash routine - like ever - and made sure her hair was nicely wetted down. Ran with her down the hall and into her room where every flippin' outfit I chose was 'not right, Mommy', 'no, I don't have the right shoes, Mommy' or 'it's not pink enough, Mommy'. bebe was finally satisfied settled for a way too cute pink-and-white plaid dress and the glittery-est pink shoes she owns and we were off. Oh! But I forgot her hair and, bebe being African-American means we can't just comb-and-go. No. There was de-tangling to be done and she wanted braids (only there was no time, bad mommy) so she wanted a veil-style with twists (only, again, no time, even badder mommy) and so she settled for 3 puff-balls after a lot of 'but we'll make them loose-and-free' cajoling from me - (In our house, loose-and-free means un-twisted, so very curly but gathered in 3 different ballies). Five minutes of de-tangling, conditioning and we were set.
an example of '3 balls'

And we got to school with a whole two minutes left.

Knowing how girly bebe is, I'm usually much more prepared - clothes laid out, hair done the night before. It's been a crazy week, though, and we haven't 'done' a big style. But lesson learned - always laying clothes out the night before. And no more laziness on hair day - there will be a style! In other words: Prepare! Always prepare!

One of our recent conversations:

bebe: Mommy, when are you going to be a girl?
Me: I am a girl, bebe, all the time.
bebe: No, girls wear dresses, Mommy.
Me: I wear dresses. Sometimes (muttering).
bebe: Girls wear dresses all the time, Mommy.

What have you learned from your kids? Or another unexpected source?