Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Free Read ~ The Beginning!

So, this is so not a secret, but my first book, 'What a Texas Girl Wants' releases in just a few weeks. June 4 to be exact. But before this book starts, a little history must happen - it is a reunion romance, you know. Even if Kathleen and Jackson were more crushee/crush than actual lovers. I might call them star-crossed. Maybe.

But I digress.

As I was writing the book, the beginning of their romance kept bugging me. I didnt want to add in a prologue, and there are hints to their way-back story, but mostly those are just hints. But their beginning did make me wonder. And then a good friend suggested I write that beginning, or at least a part of it and see where it went. I did.

I wrote Kathleen and Jackson's 'meet cute'. It was just a single scene, from both their POVs, but it was fun. It reminded me of them. Of course, there wasn't room for that scene in the book. And then two more scenes came to me, one just before the beginning of the book for both Jackson and Kathleen. Hesse scenes have been sitting on. My hard drive, waiting to be recognized. When the story was accepted by Crimson Romance, I thought, what about offering them as a free read? And so that's what I'm doing today. If you want a little teaser to 'What a Texas Girl Wants', check out the prequel. You'll find it here, and it's short, but you'll get a taste for Kathleen and Jackson and what sets them down the strange path they will take starting June 4.

I hope you enjoy it!!