Thursday, May 10, 2012

When the Good Just Gets Better

So everyone is probably tired of hearing me say in blog comments or Facebook or even Twitter that writing the book was the easy part. Even though it was. Writing the book, I was on my own schedule. Now that it's sold and coming out in (gulp) less than a month, the real work has started. There are initial edits and then cover art sheets and marketing plans and galley edits and cover art to pet. There are blog posts to write and blog tours to start and more social networking to do and then the good news just starts snowballing because...

I sold book two! Didja catch that? Yep, I sold my second book, tentatively titled The Saint's Devilish Deal, to my publisher Crimson Romance. I <3 my Saint so so so much. He's all tortured and a little bit broken, and Esme, the heroine, is strong but a little bit lost at the same time. They made me cry when I was writing the book (am I supposed to admit that?!?), and now as I'm waiting for another set of initial edits and filling out cover art sheets and dreaming of what the cover will actually look like...

I'm supposed to write another book. I'm a little bit freaked about that because with one book set to come out - and all the extra stuff that entails! - and another book just starting the process - and all the extra stuff that entails! - and my freelance stuff and being a mom and wife I'm feeling the pressure.

So, here's my solution: I'm only going to do what I can do. And I'm not going to stress about the rest. Maybe. Okay, probably I'll just tell myself not to stress and will actually stress a little. But you'll bring me back, right?

First, I'm setting up a schedule - for email, social media, writing/researching/editing. I've done this for a long time because of my nonfiction deadlines. There are only so many minutes in any day so I give myself a half-hour for email. I read, reply, make notes about whatever I need to make notes about. Then off goes the wireless. No wireless = no little time sneaks of 'I'll just look at Pinterest for a minute. Pinkie swear'. And I write or research or whatever. In the mornings I'll stick with nonfiction. Write what I need to write. Then lunch, another email check and it's on to Fiction. Whatever my goals are for the day (both fiction and non-fiction), my reward will be some time on the crack social networks. Then back to work.

Second, I'll take some me time. A walk around the neighborhood, a little Zumba (yes, I have an addictive personality and I'm currently addicted to Zumba, too. I know, it's a sickness), playing with bebe or hanging out with RadioMan. Reading a favorite author or re-reading a favorite book. I'll figure it out, but I'm building in me-time every day because I know me - if I don't I'll live at the computer.

Third, I will repeat - over and over if needed - 'I can only do what I can do'. If I find I'm better at FB or Twitter or Pinterest, I'll focus my social media there. Another writer might have 20 books out this year, that isn't me. I can't compare my release schedule or writing schedule to any other writer's. Because I'm me. I have limitations and I will not beat myself up over that.

How about you? How to you stay on-track when life gets really crazy?