Thursday, August 30, 2012

Three On Thursday - The Jeans Edition!

We're headed out the door in a bit to do a little pre-school shopping with bebe. In which I'll attempt to find jeans that fit her 5t-length-legs and 4t-waist body. And 4t waist is sometimes stretching it. There are some jeans that 3t is a better fit. It's a struggle. And I realized as I was stressing out about finding those weird brands that it's the same for adults, too. The waist/length issue isn't as horribly bad, but there are issues.

And so, this week 3 on Thursday is the jeans edition!

3) Faded Glory - yes, these are cheapo Wal-Mart jeans. You can find a pair for under $20. They won't last forever but they do clean up well, the waist doesn't do that gappy-thing when you sit or bend (I hate that gappy thing) and when they die, invariably, about 6 months down the road you can just go buy another pair without hurting the wallet too much.

2) American Eagle - yes, the teenager store. Pretend you're buying for your kid if you must. What I love about American Eagle is that there are so many types - skinny, boot cut, skinny-with-relaxed the list goes on. Again, they're not overly expensive so the hit to the wallet is minimal, plus they last a bit longer than the cheaper versions. I have a pair of AE jeans from 2 years ago - and they don't look 2 years old. Love that!

3) Lucky Brands - these jeans will make your wallet cry. Just a little. Unless you plan to buy more than a pair, then get ready for water-works. But they are seriously. good. jeans. They wear well, wash up nicely and don't fade as quickly as some cheaper jeans (they shouldn't they average $100/pair). Plus the sizes are actually true to form - they have skinny sizes, curvy sizes (and the curvies don't do the gap thing - success!), easy, relaxed. I'm a curvy girl, so having a little give is important.

What would you add to the list? Do you have a favorite pair (or brand) of jeans?