Sunday, September 23, 2012

Six on Sunday - More from Texas!

Hey, readers! I had so much fun last week, I'm back for a second week of Six Sentence Sunday! This week we're visiting my Texas characters, Kathleen and Jackson again.

What a Texas Girl Wants is a reunion romance, set in Texas. In this scene, Kathleen is trying to convince herself that a marriage of convenience isn't that big of a deal…that she can handle it – even if Jackson is the man she's always wanted.
A few kisses here and there, Jackson showing up at the dinner table. They could pull this off. She would still be married on her twenty-eighth birthday, giving Grandfather the confidence that she was ready to settle down. Jackson could leave a few days after that, ready to return to his big life in New York and they would divorce.
            No harm. No foul. They both knew the rules going in.
            So why was her heart cold at the thought of Jackson returning to New York?

 Thanks for hanging out with me (and Kathleen and Jackson) this morning. Now head over to Six Sunday to see what some other authors have going on this fun Sunday morning!