Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 On Thursday - Football!

Hi, everyone! It's Thursday and, even though its my release week, I'm feeling the need for a, without further ado: 3 on Thursday - Football Stadiums!

3. Arrowhead - I'm a Missouri girl, people. Not necessarily a Kansas City Chiefs fan, but I've been to my share of games there. It's a fun stadium ~ especially when the fans get loud!

2. Paul Brown Stadium - say what you will about the Cincinnati Bengals...their stadium is beautiful! On the banks of a river, in one of the few downtowns where you can still walk around without worrying (too much) about being mugged or worse. We were season ticket holders when we first moved to Ohio, so I've made the trek there many times - the staff is great, the food is good and that helps make it hurt less when the Bengals bungle.

1. Purdue University ~ college football is (I think) the best thing. Ever. The excitement of the kids, the fact that the players are playing for the game not the money (I like my illusions that money comes after college...don't kill them for me!)...there is just something about walking up the hill to the stadium store, listening to the chatter of fans, watching the college kids and then yelling and screaming and yelling some more. Oh, and I think it's hilarious that the male cheerleaders have to do push-ups in the end zone after every score. Their arms have to be *burning* after the game!

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