Friday, October 19, 2012

My Favorite Alpha Males!

Hiya readers! Welcome to my portion of the Alpha Male Blog Hop - a hop in which you, the reader, get to take part of awesome prizes (more than 200 are offered!) and (in the case of my blog) get to drool over a little alpha male man candy. Because, for me, the alpha male is as much about the sex factor as the sassy factor. And, yeah, I know sassy is usually used with women. Sue me, I'm taking license. Without further ado, here are my top picks for sexiest Alpha Males in the Movies:

3) Val Kilmer as The Saint. This is a flick you may not have seen back in the 90s, but Netflix it. Promise, you won't be disappointed. Val Kilmer is a super-smart guy on the edges of being a really, really bad guy. He's a cat-burglar - if you need something and can't get it in the legal call him. He's also very heroic because when the thing his latest employers want is a woman he does everything he can to bring them down. And he gets the girl in the process. Y.U.M.

2) Clive Owen as King Arthur. I'm a huge fan of the Knights of the Round Table legends, King Arthur, Lancelot and their merry band of fighters. But what really 'got' me in this particular character was his commitment. Arthur wasn't a king, he was a warrior. Sure, he was protected by Rome so he had that whole I'm Entitled thing going...but he was also very committed to his beliefs: that men should be free, that there should be more to life than casts and orders. And when his men left and he stayed behind to fight, alone, that was a total Alpha moment. The fact that his men came back to fight with him? Icing on the cake!

1) Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man. Many of you might pick RDj's Sherlock Holmes as his best Alpha bit. I'll admit Sherlock has some way cool toys and that twinkle in his eyes. But, for me, Sherlock soooo does not beat Iron Man in the Alpha department. Iron Man has the tech gear - he can fly in a suit of metal, people! The wit - 'I'm a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist'! Plus, he doesn't take himself tooo seriously. It's the RDj that shows through, but as tough as Iron Man is, he's also charming - and a little charm goes a long way. Plus it only took him a night to become an expert at thermonuclear astrophysics.

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