Sunday, October 7, 2012

What's In A Word?

So my friend Micah Persell made this really cool word-picture for one of her books not long ago. And being the jealous sort, I just had to have one for mine. So as I was geekin' around the interwebz yesterday I stumbled back over to the site and made one for The Saint's Devilish Deal: (isn't it fun?)

and I have to say, I think it's very representative of the book. Plus, isn't it pretty? So, go ahead, steal the idea from me I mean Micah and make your own! And now, without further ado, here are my six sentences for today:

Esme ran her index finger along the neckline of her silk blouse, praying for a little relief from the oppressive heat Santiago brought into the room with him. Glancing up she saw the fan was, indeed, still moving. The air itself seemed to hold still for him.
            “. . .and so Constance wants you to run the villa, with Esmerelda, for the next six months. Three with you in charge, three with Esme running things.” Velazquez’s tone said Esme running anything would end in disaster. “At the end of that time, a decision will be made as to the future of Casa. Although, I have to say, based on the bank balances and outstanding loans, I don’t see much hope for it.” Velazquez tapped the file closed and clasped his hands together on the desk blotter.
            “I will not vacate my property to leave him—” she jerked her thumb toward the pseudo-surfer currently slouched on the lawyer’s Spanish leather sofa “—in charge for five minutes, much less the three months mentioned in that letter.” 

Thanks for hanging out with me (and Saint and Esme) this morning. Now head over to Six Sunday to see what some other authors have going on this fun Sunday morning!