Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lessons From The Things On My Desk

We've chatted before about the things that come to live (or maybe die) on my desk. There are little scraps of notepaper that seem to have meant something at some point...but now the message is lost for eternity. There is the iPod that needs to be taken to the Apple store because it's stopped updating. There are extra Christmas cards just waiting to be sent to one person or another who I accidentally left off our card list this year. Stacks of magazines that I swear I'll read...some day.

Today there are three new things on my desk. Things that I think will live here for a long time and that I won't forget the meaning of. Three things that make me smile when I look at them.

First, a pretty jewelry box. It doesn't have jewelry in it. I didn't come with jewelry in it, but it looked pretty in the craft store when bebe and I were there last week...and somehow it got into my basket and now it's living on my desk. The box reminds me that sometimes it's good to be surprised. Maybe I'll use it someday in a giveaway...or maybe it will forever be a little chatchky box. Who knows?

Second, a cheerleader. The boxy-Lego kind, not the high-school, pimply kind. lol My writing buddy, Margie sent it to me last week along with a special note. I love that cheerleader. It's got dark hair like me, red and white pom-poms and a silly smile. The cheerleader and the note remind me that the little things do matter.

Third, a glass snowman ornament. You guys know about my slight obsession with snowmen. I have a Just Believe snowman block set that sits near my desk year-round. This new one is a family of snowmen with baby pink and baby blue sparklies that catch the light. The baby snowman has its hands stretched to the sky, like it might catch a snowflake or shooting star. The baby reminds me of my daughter and her excitement about ... well, everything. It reminds me to be excited - by the big things and the little things.

What about you? What's on your desk this morning that is making you smile?