Monday, November 19, 2012

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

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I grew up loving cowboys and no, I didn't grow up in Texas, Arizona, Colorado or Wyoming. I grew up in farm country in the middle of Missouri. One of my grandfathers was a farmer (soybeans, corn, things like that). The other had a small cattle ranch and horses.

I lived for weekends visiting him and my grandmother - days spent riding my horse (a little pony called Beauty) or snuggled up with him watching an old John Wayne flick. He always smelled like sunshine, as I recall, and smoke because he was basically a chain smoker. He talked and walked like those old cowboys - he was kind of rough, direct and you knew when he was mad. Or annoyed. Or just couldn't take one more reading of Dr. Seuss or Richard Scarry. He was also the gentlest man I've ever known, whether with animals or the people he loved.

His favorites were the early John Wayne movies - McClintock and The Quiet Man were favorites...but he wouldn't turn his nose up at the post-Civil War Texas flicks like Rio Lobo or The Searchers.

Cowboys played a big part in my growing up I supposed it's no surprise that cowboys are my favorite character to write as a grown up. In books, whether I'm reading or writing, I can escape into cowboy-land where men like my grandfather populate the early - they're loud and direct. They know what they want. They go after it.

In my book, What a Texas Girl Wants, Kathleen finds herself pitted against a different kind of cowboy - a Maverick, if you will...the kind of cowboy who knows what he wants and pushes until that something is his forever. Can she take the heat? You'll have to read the book to find out.

So, readers, do you have a connection to those old spaghetti Westerns? Do you love cowboys? Leave me a comment for a chance to win your choice of books from my backlist - What a Texas Girl Wants or The Saint's Devilish Deal!

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