Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hodgepodge or Decorator-Decorated?

 Seeing as how this blog is overly organized and always sticks to a subject (bwahaha), it will probably completely surprise you that during The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, my house is a hodgepodge of decoration. We have a tree with ornaments collected over they years that don't match. I have a Boyd's Bears 'Night Before Christmas' wall hanging on one wall, Lennox snowman ornaments from my grandmother (names engraved), a Precious Moments Nativity fighting for space with a veritable Nutcracker Army on the's a conglomoration of every thing...and I love it.
 These are three of my favorite ornaments, and one has been on the tree for less than a week. It's the one above - a family of owls hanging on the tree; bebe picked it out because, in her words, 'now we're like Pooh's family, too'. She's slightly obsessed with Pooh. I don't know why.

And then there is the ornament to the right - which reminds me or a Norwegian Christmas. Not that I've visited Norway or Sweden or Finland..but I think they probably have white Christmases and I really want a true, white Christmas one of these days.
And then there are the plethora of bebe-personalized ornaments. I like the one to the left because it's so her - she would wear a tiara every day of her life if we let her. What 4-year-old wouldn't? But the colors are her and for whatever reason, each year it comes out of the box she sits on the floor and just holds it for a few minutes, watching. Tracing her little fingers over the letters.

So our tree is a hodge-podge of ornaments and memories...its the best kind of tree, I think. Although I really, really like the decorator version of trees - with bows and matching ornaments.

In my new book - What a Texas Girl Needs - a hodge-podge tree is decorated...And for Vanessa, after years of decorator-decorated trees being in the house, there is a bonding moment with her estranged father and was one of my favorite scenes to write because I got to put a little of our Christmas tradition into a book. The book releases on Monday, December 18.

What about you? What's your favorite kind of tree decoration this time of year?