Thursday, January 17, 2013

5 Questions with Author Lisa Weseman

Hiya, gang! I'm excited to host author Lisa Weseman on the blog today - because she's got a totally fun book that's only 99-cents today (yay, Lisa!) but because she's a cool and fun person, too. Lisa's going to answer my five questions and then she's going to share a little bit from her book, The Name of the Game!

Kristina: M&Ms, Chips 'n Dip, Jell-O Shots...what's your snack of choice when you're on deadline?

Lisa: One of my earliest memories is eating chips 'n dip while watching "Dukes of Hazzard." I am still kind of obsessed with chips 'n dip -- and I won't settle for that off-brand french onion with Wavy Lay's crap. It has to bean Dean's and it has to be Ruffle's.

Kristina: Chips-n-dip are such a guilty pleasure for me! What's your favorite non-word (as in a word we've bastardized or completely made up) and why?

Lisa: I stole the world "blerg" from Tina Fey. It's used to express a combination of frustration, annoyance, and "only me," as in midway though a date: "Wait, we're cousins? BLERG!"

I also love to say the word "automagic" for something that automatically updates, but with an air of magic, as in, "Facebook figured out we were cousins and automagically updated our status to "It's Complicated."

Kristina: Good one! When the writing gets tough, who do you lean on?

Lisa: My dogs! And I don't mean metaphorically, I mean I literally lean on them: I  cuddle up in bed with my pups and my laptop and force myself to work. One of the things I hate about writing is the isolation, but I feel less alone when they're with me.

Kristina: I so get that - my dogs used to sit on my feet while I wrote...Finish this sentence: For me, writing is like ______________

Lisa: Exercising. I'm not always in the mood for it, it's sometimes painful while I'm doing it, but I definitely feel better after! For creative people, the mind stores up energy and tension just like the body does, and when we write, there's a similar release.

Kristina: Great analogy! Tell us one interesting/funny/crazy thing about this book or its characters that didn't make in 'between the covers'?

Lisa: The early drafts of this book had two super racy sex scenes! I ended up cutting them because they didn't seem to fit the light tone of the book, but several people have asked me to release them as deleted scenes. I would only do that if my family promised to never, ever read them!

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All About The Name of the Game:
He thinks she's a flake. She thinks he's a stick-in-the mud. But each time Kyle and Mac are together, they feel an undeniable spark.

After a long day on her feet, all flight attendant Kyle McKinney wants is a cool glass of wine, a warm bath, and a hot man in her bed. Instead, she ends up in a tug-of-war over misdelivered mail with her sexy-but-nerdy neighbor, Kyle "Mac" McKinney.

Thrown together by a shared name and address, Kyle and Mac butt heads as their very different lives begin to overlap. He wears sweater vests and teaches college accounting. She dresses like Carmen Miranda and practices scream therapy. But together, they must deal with a nosy elderly neighbor, a misguided stripper, and an overzealous IRS agent - without killing each other.

When opposites attract, it's like playing with fire. But will Kyle and Mac figure out that love is the name of the game...before it's too late?

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