Friday, February 15, 2013

It's a Friday Favorite - Best Valentine Movies

I'm instituting a new feature here on the blog - the Friday Favorite. It might be a favorite movie, favorite book, favorite lipstick, favorite pair of shoes. Something that's my favorite because...well, *I* like finding new things. Especially when those new finds become a new favorite of my own.

Since it's Valentine's Day Weekend...I thought I'd start with a favorite romantic flick. So, without further ado, the Friday Favorite!

Number 3 on my list: Casablanca. It's Bogey and Bergman, you can't go wrong with them!

Okay, I know it doesn't have the traditional happy ending, but there is that hint. Plus, Casablanca is one of the best movies. Ever. I love the ambiance, the storyline. The romantic tension of will they or won't they. Ahhhhh....

Number 2 on my list: The Holiday. So, technically this is a Christmas-themed flick. But I love it and it is romantic and there's the Jude Law factor. And Cameron Diaz is spastically funny (as always). And Kate Winslet has some one of the best movie character arcs (for me) ever. When she finally sees through Jasper, when she's ready to move on...I just scream right along with her. Oh, and Eli Wallach (older, next-door- neighbor in LA, Arthur Abbott) steals every scene he's in. So, grab The Holiday for a little holiday schmaltz and a lot of great romance.

My Friday Favorite: An Affair to Remember. This, for me, is a two tissue box flick. But it really doesn't get much better than Deborah Kerr and Carey Grant.

Here's the brief on the movie, just in case you haven't seen it:

Handsome playboy Nicky Ferrante and beautiful night club singer Terry McKay have a romance while on a cruise from Europe to New York. Despite being engaged to other people, both agree to reunite at the top of the Empire State Building in six months. However, an unfortunate accident keeps Terry from the reunion, and Nicky fears that she has married or does not love him anymore. Will he discover the truth behind her absence and reunite with his one true love, or has fate and destiny passed them by?

His low point when she doesn't come to their rendezvous? Tragic. His anger when he finally does see her again? Perfect. And when he realizes why she didn't come and he takes that step to get her back anyway? Oh, happy sigh.

So, there you have it. Flicks filled with schmaltz (even is one is set over Christmas) always get me this time of year. What about you? What's your favorite movie for Valentine's Day?