Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - What a Texas Girl Needs!

Hiya, readers! There is a new weekly hop around, set up to help us find new books and new authors. It's called Sneak Peek Sunday and here's how it works: an author posts 6 paragraphs of a new book or a WIP (work in progress) to their blog on a (the reader) read, leave a comment if you like and hop on to the other SPS blogs. That's it. Easy peasy.

This is my first week doing the SPS thing, and I'll share 6 paragraphs from my new release, What a Texas Girl Needs, the second in my Texas Girls trilogy:

Jonathan snorted. "Anyone, hell. Vanessa Witte looks better behind that wheel than half the women in this town."
Mat had to agree. Vanessa belonged to that car. She swiveled her long legs onto the pavement, the hem of her silk dress riding up her thigh a bit. He watched the play of muscle beneath her skin as she stood, how the silk pulled across her butt as she leaned into the car to grab her bag. He swallowed. Hard. 
Vanessa glided into the Sack 'n Save, a colorful bird in a sea of gray concrete and dull brick buildings. And what the hell was wrong with him? He was not going to fall back under Vanessa Witte's spell. Jonathan elbowed him. 
"You might want to pick your eyeballs up off the floor and put 'em back in your head, partner." He shuffled back behind the counter, whistling. "Like any other woman my ass," he said under his breath.
Well, the man had a point, Mat thought as Vanessa exited the grocery store with a filled bag and a bouquet of wildflowers. She leaned over the put the sack on the passenger seat, giving him another view of her derrière.
No, Vanessa Witte was most definitely not like any other woman in Lockhardt, Texas.

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