Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Family Fun Time!

I've been in the middle of deadline madness for the past few weeks...well, since early January, actually. And the deadlines are one of the best parts of being a writer - it means my books are headed to store shelves and people are reading them and my editor(s) still like me! It's great. It really is. But in the middle of the madness I tend to get a little blinded by All The Things.

Like getting Book A edited and ready for formatting and reading through Book B to make sure all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed...oh, and finishing Book C and coming up with a series idea and and and. Yeah. All The Things can start giving me the tunnel vision. I'm lucky in that I have a husband (aka RadioMan)who understands my madness and picks up some of the slack. Still, there are hairy days when I wonder if I've completely lost my mind.

So this past weekend was all kinds of wonderful for me - because RadioMan who surprised me on Wednesday with an anniversary trip! We headed over the border to Canada with a little suitcase (he gave me about 15 minutes to pack) and my Kindle (no computers/iPads allowed). We stayed at a casino, which was super fun, but the best part was that I had no excuses to check email 'just one more time'. I could read (and I did; finished 3 books!), I could soak up a little sun (the pool room at an indoor sundeck!) and just be. And when we came home, the vacation continued because we used the holiday weekend as family time - playing games with the kiddo, playing in the park, riding bikes. We colored eggs and had an Easter basket hunt... It was the perfect way to celebrate the fact that 3 deadlines were met...and I'll have new projects out soon!

And this week, new projects begin. But for this morning, I'm still basking in the no-technology weekend!

How do you decompress?