Thursday, May 16, 2013

3 on Thursday: Those SONGS!

So every once in a while I post about a few of my favorite things (insert Julie Andrews and those little hooligans dressed up in old curtains, singing loudly here) is a different kind of 3 on Thursday post. One that I hope y'all have fun with, too: it's the Earworm Edition. Don't worry, we're not going to the bad side of the earworm, these are the songs you just can't not sing along to...and if they get stuck awhile, it's okay.

Written primarily because I've had the Mamma Mia soundtrack stuck in my head for...oh, the past 48 hours. No reason. Haven't watched the movie or listened to the soundtrack in ages. It's just there. In my head like the earworm it is. Dancing Queen is fading into Money, Money, Money as I write this. And, being the kind soul I am, I'm sharing. bwahahahaha! Without further ado, here's the latest 3 on Thursday: Favorite Earworm Edition!

3. (and not just because it's in my head right now) Honey Honey ~ Mamma Mia: I was too young to get ABBA the first time around, so in my head, it's never a cover. The movie version is the one I hear. What I like about this song is the end, when she is standing on the balcony and her voice gets softer...and you know, she's not thinking about a love affair. What she wants is to put a face to a person who has been missing from her life for a long time. Play the clip below, you know you want to:

2. Magic ~ The Cars: This is probably one of my favorite 80s songs...although, again, too young to remember it the first time around. It doesn't hurt that RadioMan is a HUGE Cars fan, but there is just something fun and young and summery about this song. So when winter days get too long or work gets a little boring, I crank up this song and things immediately start to look better.

1. Whenever, Wherever ~ Shakira: Okay, you guys got me. I'm a pop girl. If I'm not listening to country, it's pop, and I'm good with that. I love the beat of this one - my feet start tapping and pretty soon I'm be-bopping around the house. I just can't sit still when Shakira comes on...and here's your clip:

There you have it: my 3 favorite, spill, which songs always make you get up and dance (so sing along with that hairbrush-microphone), even if they do get stuck in your head...for just a little while?