Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday: What a Texas Girl Dreams

Kristina Knight, Contemporary Romance, Texas RomanceHi, everyone! The countdown just keeps lowering - we are just over one week from the launch of What a Texas Girl Dreams...and I'm here to give you a little teaser as part of Sneak Peek Sunday!

This is from the beginning of Dreams:

     Kissing the town veterinarian should have been a one-off but ever since the man just wouldn't be put into that comfortable box where they flirted with one another and then went their separate ways. The single kiss should have been forgotten in the six weeks since. Instead, here she was, showing up on his doorstep.
     It was unsettling, that was all.
     Monica needed to get away from his house. Showing up here would give Trickett Samuels the entirely wrong impression. Before she could think twice, Monica shoved the gearshift into reverse and backed slowly down the lane.
     Directly into Trick’s big, blue truck.
     Sweet God, she had to be batting about three thousand by now. First, her inability to control her attraction to him. Then, that kiss that she should have seen coming and cut off at the bull sale. Now, backing in to his truck in the dwindling light. She caught Trick’s incredulous expression in her rearview mirror: surprise first, and then as realization dawned, that hungry look that hadn’t left his eyes for a moment since that kiss on the makeshift dance floor.
     Through two thousand pounds of metal and the dwindling daylight, the power of his lust and her own rekindled the fire in her belly. 

What a Texas Girl Dreams releases from Crimson Romance on June 3, 2013. You can preorder the book on Amazon or iTunes and it will deliver automatically on release day!

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