Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Synithia Williams on Salty Snacks and A Heart to Heal!

Hi there, readers! It's my pleasure to host a Crimson lady, Synithia Williams, on my blog today! Synithia's new, contemporary romance, A Heart to Heal releases this week - and if you're looking for books with heart...this is definitely one to pick up! On with the interview:

Kristina: M&Ms, Chips 'n Dip, Jell-O Shots…what's your snack of choice when you're on deadline?

Synithia: It would be a combination of chips and chocolate. I love the salty sweet.

Kristina: Salty and sweet never gets old! I'm a Hershey-bar-and-Wavy-Lays girl, myself. What's your favorite non-word (as in a word we've bastardized or completely made up) and why?

Synithia: Finto: As in “I’m finto do that”. My favorite word because even though I cringe when it slips out it’s something I can’t stop saying, so it has to be a favorite J

Kristina: I've never seen that spelled as a word, but I love it! When the writing gets tough, who do you lean on?

Synithia: My husband 100%. I’ve been crazy busy this past week trying to get 20k words written and that meant coming to bed late, not watching our favorite shows and slacking off a bit on housework. I couldn’t do this without him.

Kristina: Give that man of yours a hug - he's a keeper! Finish this sentence: For me, writing is like ______________ (and feel free to expand on your answer, doesn't have to be just one word)

 Synithia: An outlet for my overactive imagination. I can’t imagine not writing. Whether it’s a novel or in a journal, I’ve always had to get my thoughts and feelings on paper.

Kristina: Love it! Okay, last question, tell us one interesting/funny/crazy thing about this book or its characters that didn't make in 'between the covers'?

Synithia: I did go back and forth with adding an additional love scene or not. In the end I left it out because Devin & Shayla’s relationship was about more than sex.

A Heart to Heal: Release Date May 6, 2013 from Crimson Romance

Shayla Monroe fled her hometown of Helena, South Carolina, after a shocking situation broke the heart of the only guy she’d ever loved. Years later, after losing her job in Atlanta with her name once again shrouded in scandal, she has nowhere to go but home.
Now a devastatingly handsome and well-respected man, Devin Jones became a successful doctor as a way to forget Shayla’s betrayal. When she returns as infamously as she left, he plans to put aside old feelings and treat her as any other person in town. But after looking into her soft brown eyes, the feelings he thought long dead quickly rush to the surface.

Ignoring rumors, disapproval from family and friends, and promises to avoid each other, the two become friends ... then lovers. Devin wants all or nothing, but Shayla, haunted by her past, is afraid their relationship will damage what’s left of her reputation. Can two broken hearts survive the fight against past and present demons to heal and find love?

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