Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thirsty Thursday - Cherrrrry Limeaide!

Sonic, Kristina Knight
So, one of my favorite drinks - ever - is the cherry limeaide from Sonic. I've had other 'cherry limeaides', some canned by major soft drink brands. None of them are as 1) good 2) satisfying or 3) downright yummy as the one from Sonic.

Why? My guess is because Sonic makes theirs, yeah using some canned ingredients, but they mix it fresh. And that makes the difference. I was combing through some recipes and found an old family favorite, which tastes almost exactly like the mix from Sonic.

So, it's a Thirsty Thursday ~ Drink Edition today!

What you need:
12 oz can of Sprite - do NOT sub 7-up or any other brand. Sprite or nothing!
                                                  3 lime wedges
                                                  1/4 cup Cherry juice (I like Juicy Juice, but choose your fave)
                                                  1 cherry (this is optional, the drink will taste good without it)
                                                  Crushed Ice, to taste
I like crushed ice and I like it a, I fill my glass just over half-way with ice, then pour the Sprite in. Add the lime wedges and then add in the Cherry juice. Toss the cherry into the top. For a little extra lime-kapow, I will squeeze one of the limes rather than just plopping it in. Drink up and feel the refreshment! The above makes 1 16 oz drink.