Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thirsty Thursday! Mocha Mudslides, Comin' Up!

I took this picture on our cruise in February, so, while it's wasn't summer it felt like it. Plus, it's a beach and y'all know how I feel about beaches.
They make me happy.
It’s no secret that summer is one of my four favorite seasons. Sure, in winter you can watch the snow fall and in spring there are new flowers budding and the crunch of fallen leaves in autumn is kind of musical…but in summer you kind of get the best of every season. At least where I live. Except winter, but, really, who needs or wants snow in the middle of July?
What I like best about summer is that (at least where we live) one day can be hot and muggy and upwards of 100 degrees, but the next can be breezy and warm with a high in the 70s. I like those changes. My allergies don’t, but I do. Because there is nothing better on a really hot day than lazing beside the pool with a cold margarita. And on those slightly cooler days, it’s wonderful to open the windows while listening to the rain fall. Because (again, where we live) when it cools, rain can’t be far behind. Those changes keep me on my toes.
But my absolute favorite part of summer is the treats: watermelon fresh from the garden, home-made ice cream with freshly picked strawberries and a dollop of hot fudge, grilled corn-on-the-cobb and the smell of lilacs coming through my window. I could enjoy those things forever.
And, come on, you know you took a second look at that nicely tanned, shirtless road worker the other day. You know, the one who’s six-pack had a six-pack – of the non-beer variety. You don’t see that in winter. At least not around here.
My favorite-favorite treat is my version of a mudslide – basically a mocha shake with a smidge of alcohol. Here’s my recipe (which will serve 2-4 adults, assuming they wanna share):
2 Cups of Vanilla ice cream
2 oz Kahlua coffee liqueur
Hershey’s syrup, to taste
1 Cherry
Blend the ice cream and Kahlua until smooth. Grab your glass and the syrup (you bought the squeeze bottle, right? Okay, if you didn’t you need the squeeze bottle). Twist the glass in a circle and while turning squirt the chocolate syrup in; it should make a spiral. If it doesn’t it won’t be as pretty but it will taste the same. Pour the ice cream mixture in, top with Redi-Whip  and a cherry and voila! A great summer time treat. Oh, and if you really like chocolate, add a spritz of syrup over the whipped cream. Finally, if you’re not a drinker, sub non-alcoholic Kahlua for the alcoholic and voila! No heavy head in the AM.
So, what is your favorite treat of the summer?