Thursday, June 6, 2013

3 on Thursday ~ Texas Style!

Heya, readers! So, it's release week so I'm talking a little bit more about my books than usual. But today is a little bit different, I'm not talking about a particular book, but a particular setting! One of my favorite places in the world - Texas. Why?

Because I'm asked (a lot) why I write Texas-set books when I don't live there. Although I grew up on a farm in Missouri and have lived in a rural area of Nebraska and Ohio, I don't - and have never - lived in Texas. But the state still calls to me. I love visiting, whether we're hitting a coastal area like Galveston or the Hill Country around Austin. Like the saying goes, Texas is a whole other country. With that, here's my latest 3 on Thursday - Texas Style: My 3 favorite things about Texas:

3. The space. I might live in a city now, but I've never outgrown the need for a little space. A long pasture to look over, space to roam. Room to breathe. Living in a city is great - there are restaurants open until all hours, there is plenty of shopping and always something do to. Movies, sporting events, plays. We're about an hour from a great ballet company, we have one of the Great Lakes practically out our back door and restaurants that will make your mouth water. But we also have police/fire sirens, crime and (every now and then) a little smog. On days when it's just too loud here, I dream about Texas and the spaces I've visited there.

2. The cowboys. And no, I'm not just talking football, although the Dallas Cowboys are my favorite football
team. I like men who know who they are, what they want and who aren't afraid to fight for those things. Sure, city guys can know the same thing, but there is something about a guy who can wear a three piece suit and still change a flat tire that appeals to me. And then there are the tight Wranglers (or Levi's, I'm an equal opportunity jeans girl), the cowboy hats and boots. Oh, the boots. I'm a heels girl for me, but I love a pair of dusty boots on a a guy. sigh. Sue me, I like a guy in boots.

And that brings me to my first love of Texas:

1. The style. Sure, we all love Michael Kors for a fancy night out in New York. But on a daily basis, I'm more of a Texas dresser than a New York dresser. I mentioned my love of cowboy boots on a man above. I also like wearing boots just for me. Flat boots, Ugg boots, heeled boots, stiletto booties. Love them
all. And the jeans. Oh, I love my yoga pants, but a pair of soft, well-worn jeans fresh from the dryer? There is nothing better. Not even the quirky Stella McCartney dress I bought off the clearance rack a couple of weeks ago.

There you go, readers, three reason I love Texas...tell me, what is your favorite setting (for yourself or the books you read)? Leave a comment below, with your email address, and you'll be entered into my anniversary giveaway - a basket which includes books, a Texas themed charm bracelet (designed by moi) and other goodies. And, check the Rafflecopter below for more chances to win:

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