Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Anniversary - It's All About Faith!

 So, I'm usually a Tuesday/Thursday blogger...you guys know that. But this is a special kind of week - because it's a book release week and it's also my pubbiversary. So we're changing things up a bit. One year ago today my first book - ever - was published. It was picked up by the fantabulous Jennifer Lawler of Crimson Romance and it changed my outlook.

Because the book she bought was supposed to be a stand-alone. Sure, the secondary characters (Vanessa and Monica) had always 'spoken' to me, but I figured until I sold the first book (Kathleen's story) there was no point in entertaining the idea of a trilogy - or even more books in my little Texas world. After Jennifer bought the first book, I took a deep breath and we had an uber-professional chat. It went something like this:

"So, you know Kathleen's sisters? (because I actually do talk about my characters as if they're real people) Yeah, I have ideas for books about them, but they aren't written. Would you like to see a proposal or anything?" And Jennifer's response, which was something like, "Yeah! I'd love to...let me see the synopsis and first chapter or whatever you have written."

And then the real panic started because the ideas for the books were nowhere near actual synopsis form and were more long outlines that looked a little like this:

Opening Scene: Vanessa is in doctor's office stirrups. Gets bad news.
First turning point: She runs into Mat and stuff happens.
Midpoint: Vanessa finally dredges up the courage to tell Mat the whole truth.
Third Turning point: Mat makes accusations and is mad. Really mad.
Finale: They love each other.

Don't get me started on what Monica's outline looked like. Okay, neither was (technically) that bad, I had about 3 pages of outline for both of them but it took quite a lot of hand-holding from my awesomesauce CP D'Ann and a little breathing into a paper bag to get through it.

And then a little more hyperventilating because, something in the synopsis' and the first chapters struck a chord with Jennifer. She bought the follow-up books off that rough proposal, and she changed my life again. I wrote both What a Texas Girl Needs and What a Texas Girl Dreams in a six month window and we set up a production schedule. I came up with my own production schedule to get through my first deadline-induced madness because, as you know, I have a husband and kiddo and preschool mom duties and I teach a deep water run class at our Y...and the list goes on.

My point is, I'm no different than many other unpublished authors: I was (and still am) hungry for those publishing contracts. I love telling my stories. I love seeing the changes my characters go through...and I took a big chance on two unwritten books.

So, today, on my anniversary, I thought I'd share my little story about how What a Texas Girl Wants became not only my very first published book, but also my very first series...all because I had a little faith.

Tell me, readers, what is the biggest leap of faith you've taken? Leave a comment below, with your email address, and you'll be entered into my anniversary giveaway - a basket which includes books, a Texas themed charm bracelet (designed by moi) and other goodies. And, check the Rafflecopter below for more chances to win:

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