Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday: What a Texas Girl Dreams

 Hiya, readers! This is a special week here at my blog - because it's release week! The third book in my Texas Girls trilogy releases Monday morning - What a Texas Girl Dreams.

This series is really special to me, not just because it's my first series, but because I absolutely love the dynamic between sisters Kathleen, Vanessa and Monica. They love each other, but because of their past they are also wary of one another. I think that dynamic is shown in the following excerpt:

“You’re the laughing gas, kiddo. Fine? I saw the way you looked at Trick and the way he looked at you before you left. I’d say a six-hour date is better than ‘fine.’”
“He took me to Canyon Lake. It wasn’t a big deal,” Monica said defensively.
Vanessa nodded. “We know all about how those extra-long dates don’t mean a thing.”
“We went on a picnic. That’s it.”
“I’ve been on that kind of picnic.” Kathleen’s green eyes danced. “That kind of picnic can change a girl’s outlook.”
“He didn’t change my outlook. He took me to lunch and showed me a piece of Texas I’d never seen before.” Too late, Monica realized how that sounded. Her sisters hooted.
“I’ll bet he did. Tell me, Monica, is the ‘scenery’ as irresistible up close?” Vanessa leaned forward, delight gleaming in her ice-blue eyes at Monica’s discomfort. “Because that boy can definitely fill out a pair of Levi’s.”

Ahh, sisterly love. And awkwardness, too. You can learn more about the books by checking out my author pages at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes. Now, hop on to the rest of the Sneak Peek Sunday fun!