Thursday, June 13, 2013

The 3 Stages of Writing A First Draft...According to Kristina

I've been knee-deep in book release fun and hip-deep in a new series I'm working on. . .and that has made for some lively dinner conversation over the past couple of weeks. And maybe a few crazy looks from RadioMan and bebe, who try to understand the craziness of writing, but he's pushing 40 and she's just 4 and neither one of them are really writers so, yeah. There's that.

Last night I went to bed excited about the new project and ready to start a new chapter but so tired I knew I needed some rest or veddy bad things would happen. And then I woke up thinking, 'It's drek. It's bad. So bad. So very, very bad...' Which brings me to the purpose of this post: The 3 Stages of Writing...according to Me.

And I have video clips because I know how much you girls all LOVE my video clips (not that I'm starring, but I've had both of these moments, in slightly different it'll give you the drift). With's:

Stage 1: I Am The Awesome, in which everything that is making its way from your brain through your fingers and onto your laptop screen is amazing. Perfect. The best thing ever.

Starring Rue McClanahan as Blanche Deveraux on The Golden Girls:

Stage 2: What the He!! Was I Thinking, in which you realize the very large plot hole that has developed and that you know how to fix.

Starring Whoopi Goldberg as Rose Schwartz in Soapdish:

Stage 3: I'm Done! Finished! Complete! And I can fix anything that doesn't work. AKA: The HappyDance Phase:

Starring Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton Banks on The Fresh Prince of BelAir:

Okay, you wild and crazy writer peeps, what would you add?