Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why Robyn Neeley's Fear of Flying and Love for Yoga Pants!

Hi there, readers! It's my pleasure to welcome a new writing friend into our little circle this week. Robyn Neeley has a cute - and a little bit sexxay - contemporary romance out titled Destination Wedding. First, I love that cover - so cute and whimsical! Plus, I'm a sucker for contemporary romances, as you know, and I love a good wedding story...On with the interview!

Kristina: What do you wear when you're writing?

Robyn: It runs the gamut because I take my laptop everywhere. I could be writing on the commute to work in a skirt and high boots or sacked out on my couch in yoga pants. I try to dress cute if I’m going to Starbucks.
Kristina: lol, true! When was the last time you argued with one of your characters? And were you caught by a real person?

Robyn: Drew and I fought toward the end of writing Destination Wedding. While he’s happy for his brother, he didn’t quite get the direction of his ending.

He also doesn’t understand why Kate’s assistant, Miles got a little more scene time than he did … I think they’re about equal.

He and I were featured recently on the Crimson Romance blog where he let me have it. Check it out!

Kristina: Sounds like Drew might be getting a book of his own soon....How do you keep gremlins – like your family – out of your office/writing habitat?

Robyn: My family is a gray and white tabby named Carly. She’s very supportive and will usually approve a chapter by rolling all over the printed pages. If she starts pawing at it, I know I’ve got a winner.

Kristina: Aw, Carly sounds so sweet! Have you ever taken your frustrations with the Real World out on your characters?

Robyn: Maybe not a frustration, but I hate to fly. So what do I do? I put my terrified-to-fly heroine on a twelve hour trip over the Pacific in turbulent weather where she suffers a major in-flight panic attack. She makes out way better than I ever have! Literally.

Kristina: I don't have a fear of flying, per se, but if you have an extra hero lying around you could stick us on a plane together...If you could be one character from this book, who would it be? And why?

Robyn: Definitely Kate. She has such a fun job planning high profile weddings, a fabulous wardrobe and the best assistant in the world. Plus, she gets to kiss two hot guys in this book. Although, Luke, my hero, would like me to point out that he thoroughly objected to one particular scene with Kate and his twin brother.

All right, readers, time to find out more about Robyn's book!

About Destination Wedding: 

Wedding planner Kate Ashby’s fear of flying is eased by a sexy stranger and one slow lip lock that rockets her into another obit.

CEO Luke Cannon has just traded seats with his identical twin. Little did he know that an innocent kiss while pretending he was his brother would soon create havoc.

What happens in the air doesn’t stay up there. Once on tropical land, Kate believes that the handsome stranger who gave her the best kiss of her life is now her new client, Drew Cannon, fiancĂ© to the beautiful and wealthy Lauren Kincaid. While Kate struggles with the intense feelings she thinks she has for Drew, Luke discovers Kate’s been hired to plan his brother’s destination wedding. He also realizes the initial sparks they shared 30,000 feet up are now mistakenly aimed at Drew.

Can Luke get Kate to realize that the feelings she has are for him? He’s got forty-eight hours in paradise to try.

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About Robyn: 
Robyn Neeley is an East Coaster who loves to explore new places; watches way more reality TV than she cares to admit; can’t live without Dunkin Donuts coffee and has never met a cookie she didn’t like. If you have a must read romance suggestion or a fabulous cookie recipe, she wants to know.

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