Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How Angel Came to Live With Us

So this is a post not about writing. I don't think. We'll see.

So, bebe's been demanding hinting for months that she would be a very, extra-special, amazing dog owner. And RadioMan and I have been quietly putting her off because 1) we had dogs. Two of them in fact. Possibly the best dogs ever. And both of them passed away within the past 5 years. We weren't at all sure we wanted another one. And 2) every 5 year old wants a dog. Very few actually know the difference between wanting and actually caring for a dog.

But we caved. A couple of weeks ago we headed out to the local pound and Humane Society to see what they had for us. We went intending to adopt Elli-May, a boxer. But she knocked bebe down in her excitement over meeting us and we decided that maybe a big dog is something we'll look at down the line. Yanno, when bebe's taller. And can hold a lead well.

And then there was Royal Bleu, a puggle who seemed very well behaved. And friendly. The workers said we could take him home for the weekend. And so we did. Royal Bleu seemed to be a good fit - until we'd been home for about 20 minutes, someone opened the front door and he took off like a lightening bolt. We chased him through most of our neighborhood and finally got him back. Rule #1: NEVER open a door when Royal Bleu is ... well, within a mile. And we continued about our day.

And then the humping started. What we learned was that the dog (male) had never been neutered. And that he'd been used as a stud dog. Would have been nice to know beforehand. Anywho, we decided to make an appointment as soon as humanly possible. The rest of Day 1 and that night were relatively uneventful. Sure, the dog paced, but then, wouldn't you pace if you were in a new place? Yeah, thought so.

The following morning, there was an incident - in which Royal Bleu stood up on his hind legs, bit down on bebe's shoulder and got her onto the ground. And started to ...well, do what he'd been trained to do apparently.

And that was the end of Royal Bleu. We called the Humane Society, told them what was going on and that this was not the dog for us...and made a few suggestions on the kind of home that might be good for him.

A little while later, we got a call. From RadioMan's mom, who had an American Eskimo/Corgi mix. The dog was getting to be too much for her and she asked if we'd be willing to take her on. We said yes because 1) we know what to expect with Angel 2) she's a great dog and 3) who can say no to that face?

And that is the story of how Angel came to live at Casa Knight. And turned everything upside down. We're teaching her to fetch and how to be on a lead. She's teaching us how to spoon (as if we didn't know) and reminding us every day that we've always been a dog family...even when we were on a break.

Okay, readers, pull out your puppy (and kitty and horsie) stories. How did you pets come to own you?