And Today on My Desk

A couple of weeks ago RadioMan, bebe and I loaded up into the truck to hit our local (2 hours away) IKEA story. Looking for organization helps. Our home isn't small, but there are three of us, bebe's plethora of toys (and now school stuff), I work from home and RadioMan works from home. So while our home isn't small, space is definitely at a premium.

What I came home with were 3 of the units to the left - which I love. First, because they went together in about 10 minutes. Second, because the drawers are very spacious. Third, because our closets have never been more organized. (Yes, that's a hot pink feather boa in the second drawer. It's bebe's. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

You know what I realized today? Our closets are organized but my not. I don't think it ever will be and that's okay with me because I work well in a little bit of clutter. Take away my calendar, my stacks of paper or my geegaws (as my grandmother would say) and I can't focus.

Here are three random Things on My Desk today:

* a pair of headphones without the foamy-protective layer. I should toss them, but I keep thinking I'll find the
foamy parts and they'll be fine. Of course, Angel-the-dog probably ate the foamy bits...
* bebe's backpack filled with school supplies. Which we're delivering to school later today. But still, it's taking up space so I'm sharing...
* a new selection of Sharpies because who doesn't need a Sharpie in every color of the rainbow? Pay no attention to the duplicate colors, they're needed in case the existing colors run out. No, I don't want them in a drawer, I want them where they are...they are my precious.

Okay, your turn: are you a super-organized writer? A messy-desker like me? Somewhere in the middle? How do you make your space work for you?

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