Tuesday, August 13, 2013


So, just about a week ago a fairly significant happening...well, happened. bebe lost her first tooth. Her lower central incisor, to be exact.

We knew it was coming. At her summer dentist appointment (which she passed with pearly-white colors) the x-rays showed her adult teeth *rightthere* underneath the babies.

That's the tooth, right there on the left. Isn't it tiny? Seriously, it's about half the size of my pinkie nail - teeth aren't supposed to be that small, are they?

bebe was, of course, equal parts excited and horrified that it happened. Probably didn't help that she was eating a pancake when it decided to kerplunk right out of her mouth. Or that there was a smidgen of blood as the final root let go.

And, in just over a week, we go to her new school for Kindergarten Orientation and to meet her new teacher. And just over a week after that she'll be in school (all day, every day). Or that (so we're told) by the end of Kindergarten she'll have written her first 'term paper'. Yeah, my jaw dropped at that one, too, and then the teacher explained that it would only be a paragraph or so...but, still, a term paper in Kindergarten?

All of this is making me...well, a little nostalgic for those all-nighters we spent with her. Walking the neighborhood at all hours of the wee morning? I'll take it. Singing lullabies? Gimme another year of that. Waiting and waiting for her just to crawl? Oh, how much fun we had during tummy time!

And that's how it came to be that Kristina learned she's really not at all good with change. Not even a little bit. But at least I have the clippings from her first hair cut and her first tooth to keep me warm at night.

How about you? Good with change? Any secrets you'd care to share?