Thursday, August 15, 2013

Show Me Your Hook!

No, this is not a post about fishing, actual fish hook over there aside. I don't like fishing. Okay, that isn't quite true. The actual act of sitting on a river bank (or in a boat), relaxing, waiting, thinking...daydreaming? Yeah, I like that part.

The baiting of the hook? Makes me queasy.

The catching of the actual fish? Makes me teary.

The cleaning of the fish? I have never and will never do that. Can you say quease all over again? And with sound effects? Yeah, that would be me.

But I get the need for fish hooks - otherwise we'd never be able to enjoy cod or walleye or catfish.

We also have a need for hooks in our writing - without an end-of-chapter hook, would a reader be pushed to turn that page? To stay up an hour later, to be tired the next day at work just to see what happened? Would we want to keep writing if we didn't give ourselves a little bit of a hook to keep us pushing forward? I wouldn't (as a reader or as a writer) I hook myself all the time.

Because we all use hooks in our writing, I want to share. So, grab your latest WIP or current release. Turn to the end of a scene or chapter (preferably early in the book, but I'm not choosy). Give us the last paragraph or line...something that will make us wonder where this book is going next, something that will make us want to turn the page - come on, tease us!

I'll go first...this is the hook from Mr. Right Now, my next contemporary  which releases from Lyrical Press in November:

“Should we continue this in my room or yours?”
Space. Just a little space. Her cell phone rang and she quickly wrestled it out of her bag. She made an apologetic face and shrugged one shoulder.
“Six o’clock. Upper deck.” The words sounded husky to her ears.
Mason raised one eyebrow, and then released her hand. “That’s a long time to wait.” When she stepped from the elevator, he stepped to the back of the car.
The elevator doors closed. Why had space seemed so important just a few moments ago? 

So, your turn - what's your hook?