Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tasty Tuesday ~ A Must-Have Egg Tool

So, I'm going to veer ever so slightly off the usual path of our Tasty Tuesday moments, peoples, and instead of sharing a full-blown recipe with you I'm going to share one of my new favorite kitchen tools.

Like, ever.

They're called 'Eggies' and they are the easiest way to make hard or soft boiled eggs. Like, ever. Seriously.

That's them over on the right.

Why do I like the Eggie? For oh so many reasons. First, because now I don't have to peel eggs, ever. Here's how the Eggie works: you set up the bottom half of the tools and spray with Pam (make it easier for the finished egg to come out). Then, you crack a raw egg into the container, put on the top and place in boiling water. Once its done, dump the hot water and run a little cold water over them. When they're cooled sufficiently, open the Eggie and the cooked egg comes right out. No fuss. No muss.

No peeling eggs. No cries of despair from the kitchen when an entire egg white sticks to the shell when RadioMan or bebe are trying to peel. No pressing or shaking looking for that one air pocket that is left after an egg is cooked. No getting that thin white film thing stuck to my fingers. I hate that filmy stuff.

Plus, the eggs are never overdone. Or underdone. If you want soft-boiled? There's a time setting for it. Hard boiled? A time for that too. Plus recipes for deviled eggs, only the white or only the yolks.

This is the final product: whole, cooked eggs. Sure, they're flat on one end, but who cares? I will repeat again: no more peeling boiled eggs. Ever.

Now, go forth and buy your own set of Eggies...but not before sharing a kitchen tool or tip of your own. Come on, what gadget makes you happy lately?