Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Need to Read

I've been feeling a little...overworked, lately. Not because I actually *am* overworked - oh the joys that will bring. And I'm so not kidding. I thrive on deadlines, and I have a few right now...but not so many that I wake up after only 60 minutes of sleep because I can't afford more. But still I've been feeling drained and overworked and generally blechy.

So over the weekend I took some 'me' time. With the family right down the hall. Buried my nose in a book or three and just read. Yeah, I broke to play with the kiddo, make meals (or at least call in the orders) and talk to my husband. But mostly, I read. I escaped into some of my favorite authors. Journeyed into a few happily ever afters with some great characters.

And my mood changed. Yeah, I'm still feeling a little stressed because, in addition to the fiction and non-fiction I'm also a fitness instructor and bebe is getting ready to start school and there is the volunteering that comes with that. But I realized halfway through the second book that I hadn't been reading. Yeah, I'd skimmed a few articles and looked at some pictures in magazines, but I hadn't sat down with any books since...well, before summer started.

For me writing - whether nonfiction or fiction - is tied in to reading. When I'm reading it makes me a better writer. I see connections between characters and plot that I don't always see when I'm so focused on writing that I'm not taking the time to read and enjoy other stories.

Do you find that to be true?