Tuesday, September 17, 2013

#TuesdayTeaser from What a Texas Girl Dreams

I love contemporary romance. This should come as no surprise to y'all since I write it. And tweet about it. And badger kindly tell you when I've found a great new author. What is it about contemporary romance that gets me? The strong heroines, the alpha dudes, the visiting of a place I've never been but always wanted to go...it's the escape from reality, I suppose. It's fun to step out of Kristina's skin for a little while and into Jane Doe's.

Sometimes, that happens as I'm writing, too. It did (a lot) with my recent release, What a Texas Girl Dreams. I'm sharing a teaser from the book today, where you'll meet Monica's family and (I hope) have a little chuckle.

 “You deliverin’ for Bloomers now, Trickett?” Mitchum’s voice was loud in the quiet room.
Trick grinned. “Nope. This is a special delivery." He reached for the card, sticking up from the middle of the display. Monica’s heartbeat clip-clopped in her chest and she shook her head no, trying to head him off before he really got started. Trick caught her eye, winked and continued on as if she wasn't about to die right here in the dining room. He cleared his throat and read.
“Roses are red, Violets are blue, Monica Witte’s sure sweet, but she’s certainly hard to woo.”
Mitchum chuckled. Nathaniel snorted. Kathleen looked like she wanted to jump over the table and dance a jig.
“Son, your poetry could use a little work.” Nathaniel picked up his plate and started for the door. He patted Trick on the shoulder as he passed, and Monica swore she heard him whisper, “Good luck.”
Time to nip this in the bud before her family got any more ideas circling around in their heads. She stood. Trick pressed the flowers and vase into her hands.
“I thought about roses, but decided something wild would suit you better than hothouse flowers.”
Monica automatically reached out to take the flowers. "If that's your idea of a compliment-" The fresh scent tickled her nose, and she bit back a grin. He was right. She did prefer wildflowers. She should have made him take them back, but now that they were in her arms, the flowers were too pretty to turn down.
“Not a compliment, although we might get to that later. This is me, asking you for a date. Today. We’ll start with lunch—at a restaurant not in the Lockhardt city limits.”
“It’s barely breakfast time.”
“Hence the not-in-the-city-limits reference. It’s going to take a little while to get there. I might even throw in a movie, if things go well.” His smile widened, and Monica’s heartbeat picked up the pace again.
She told it to slow down. “Big spender, springing for a matinee.”
“You’ll have to come along to find out just how big a spender I can be.” He waited. Monica searched her mind for a reason not to go. Nothing.
“Or we might just go see a man about a horse.”

So, tell me readers, what is it that you love about contemporary romance? Or any romance genre, for that matter? And, authors, feel free to share a snippet of your own in the comments.