Thursday, October 3, 2013

3 On Thursday ~ Television Goodbyes!

This week, social media (especially Twitter) has been awash with sadness over a few not-so-happy endings: Breaking Bad came to a final end, on NCIS Tony and Ziva said goodbye quite poignantly and the final season (or so we're told) of the comedy How I Met Your Mother began. Which got me thinking about all the other goodbyes that have gone before this week. And that led me to a blog post: 3 on Thursday ~ Television Goodbyes.

This list (in no particular order) is for television shows I loved that have gone on to Television Heaven.

The King of Queens

I really loved this show, for a lot of reasons. The comedy was smart (when it wasn't just silly), the acting was good (who hasn't wanted to strangle their crazy dad from time to time?) and serious from time to time (like when Doug and Carrie dealt with their best friends' marriage break-up). What I loved about the ending was that it didn't change the craziness of this couple who were finally getting the thing they wanted (a baby) in a way they never expected (adoption *and* birth). It was a fun way to say goodbye.


What I absolutely love about this finale (which I saw for the first time in re-runs after a week of Finals) is that they not only kept up the trademark MASH craziness, but they dealt with actual issues. Ahead of their time issues like post-traumatic stress. And when Hawkeye's helicopter lifts off and he finally sees BJ's goodbye, spelled out in rocks, you just can't help but cry a little.


I think I've probably rattled on to you guys a few times about my love for this show about flawed sisters who don't always start out doing the right thing, who sometimes put the personal ahead of the 'greater good' but always make their way back home. And save the world in the process. What I love about the finale is that the writers didn't just stop with the sisters. In the final scene, each sister writes her truth into The Book - what came before, what comes gave us a glimpse of what happened once the sisters defeated the forces of Evil.

What about you? What shows did you cry over (just a little bit) when they ended?