Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Pre-Thanksgiving Moment...

So, yeah, Thanksgiving here in the US isn't technically for two more days. But today is bebe's last day of school before her first school vacation ... and that has me in the holiday mood.

I have to say that, as much as I love having more time to work on my books and seeing her grow, I kind of miss her coming to my desk every five minutes, asking for more juice or to read a book or play with play dough ... or why boogers are green or whatever has her imagination for those five minutes.

Seriously. Miss.

I know, it's all part of growing up and on those days when she interrupted more than she allowed me to work I wanted to pull my hair out...or maybe move to Timbuktu just to finish a paragraph. But I miss her! It's weird. RadioMan and I have been talking about that all week - how pre-school was an adjustment and Kindergarten has been a bigger adjustment and how thankful we both are that we are able to work from home and spend so much time with her.

So, today, I'm thankful for the five years I had her beside me 24/7. Don't worry, by Sunday evening I'll be ready for her to go back to school and get my new-old-routine back. But right now, I'm nostalgic.

Tell me, what are you nostalgic for this Thanksgiving week?