Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Snows

Our first snowfall of the season began last night around 9PM. I'm positive this isn't the earliest it has ever snowed in our area...but it is the earliest we've had snow since RadioMan and I moved up here. It wasn't much, just over a dusting. Enough to cover the ground and bring down a lot more leaves.

bebe, of course, is squealing around the house and excited to play with her friends at school. You know, for about 5 minutes and then they'll all be eager to get back inside where its warm.

For me, I'm enjoying the sight, even though there is grass peeking through the ground cover and leaves lying on top. I love the first few snowfalls of each season. That first blizzard? Makes me inordinately happy.

As me again in February if I'm still excited about snow and cold and my answer will be different, but for the first few snows and the chilly toes and bundling up and I'll always tell you I love it. Because I do.

I finished a new project last week and sent the last bit off to my agent for her input. The snow this morning reminded me that I'm early-days-excited about most things in my life: the first character sketches of a new book are infinitely more exciting than the third pass through a manuscript looking for just one more typo, for example. The first chapters so much easier to write than the middle. And by the time I hit the black moment, sometimes I'm just a little bit disillusioned with my own characters. Until they bring be back with a great line or another first.

The important thing, I've found, is to keep pushing forward. Even when I'm sick and tired of my toes being cold or of being bundled in tee-shirt and sweatshirt if I keep pushing forward I'll get to the green of new grass in spring time. Just as, when I'm annoyed with the shenanigans of my characters they turn around and do something so selfless and unexpected that I just have to love them all over again. I love those moments. It's why I keep writing.

Do you have a tried-and-true way to writing through those doldrums?