Thursday, November 14, 2013

Helpful Dictionary Site...

I've been using a new dictionary site for a little while now and thought I'd pass along the link. The Allwords dictionary doesn't just give you results for the word you put in - and this is why I love it - it gives results for words that begin like the word you enter and allows you to search different meanings and translations of the word. Why do you need this?

Because sometimes you don't know the exact word you want. This happens to me all the time, the word I need to really convey what my characters are feeling, thinking or saying is right on the tip of my tongue...but I can't think of it. I know how it begins but the whole word is...a mystery. It's so frustrating. And crazy! With AllWords, I just type in the beginning that I know and the rest of the word appears. You can also find the etymology of words, search words with repeated letters - like jazz or doodle - and you can find different translations - French, Spanish and even Dutch. It's really simple to if you get stuck like I do, check it out.