Friday, November 1, 2013

Reading Treasures Blog Hop!

Hi, there, readers! If you're new around here, I'm Kristina and I write contemporary romance ... if you've been here a while you already know that! I'm really excited to join in the Readers Treasure Blog Hop this weekend, to kick off the release of my new book, Mr. Right Now, a fast, fun, quirky vacation romance with a hunky reporter, a sassy writer who doesn't want the story of her life splashed across newspapers and a big case of mistaken identity!

We're hopping for the next four days, talking about books and treasures, which I think is a great tie-in to my vacation-on-a-ship romance. I have several reading treasures - AKA Kristina's Keeper List - that all bring something new to the table, although almost all of them are romances.

The very first romance I ever read, "Snow Bride" is on that list, along with a typically teenage-angsty "PS: I Love You". But I my most treasured book (at this moment) is a beaten up crafting book - it has patterns for handmade purses, knitted gloves, quilts/blankets...even book marks and quilted trivets for your dining table. I remember picking it up in a crafting store 10 or so years ago. It's moved with me from Nebraska to Missouri, to another area of Missouri and finally to Ohio. I've made at least half of the treasures inside the pages, but my favorite was a little rag quilt that I made just before we found out bebe was coming to live with us.

The blanket became bebe's first treasure - she would wad up a corner and snuggle in to rest or pick at the ragged edges during tummy time. I only have a couple squares left because the last time it hit the washing machine it kind of ... unraveled. But those squares are in bebe's treasure box - with a bunch of onsies and a few firsts - first Christmas dress, first pair of 'jeans' - that may some day become a t-shirt-style quilt for her. In the meantime, the box is under her bed and the book is just waiting for me to thumb through the pages again to find another treasure.

Leave a comment below to tell me about your favorite reading treasures ... and you'll be entered to win a mini-prize pack here, including a handmade charm bracelet and some author swag! And don't forget about the Rafflecopter, which will enter you in the fabulous gift pack (which includes winner's choice from my backlist) from all the hop's authors:

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