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#AuthorSpotlight: Boone Brux!

Heya, readers! Its my pleasure to shine a spotlight on author Boone Brux today. Boone is here to tell us about her new book, and answer a few probing questions! Let's get to it!

Kristina: M&Ms, Chips 'n Dip, Jell-O Shots…what's your snack of choice when you're on deadline?

Boone: I eat a lot of cheese. It's easy to slice off a hunk and head back to the computer. I don't like anything that takes too long to prepare.

Kristina: Ooh, we are cheese-a-holics in this house. ColbyJack is our fave! What's your favorite non-word (as in a word we've bastardized or completely made up) and why?

Boone: forganize. I said I was going to organize the garage, my husband's man zone. He said, "Don't fu..." (sees young daugher watching him) "Forganize my garage." I can't believe he was going to swear at me. I was only going to throw out a little of his stuff. So now if something is effing messed up we call it forganized.

Kristina: lol! That's hysterical! When the writing gets tough, who do you lean on?

Boone:  CJ Ellisson. She's my sounding board and voice of reason. We talk several times a week, encouraging and bouncing ideas off each other. She's a writer so she understands what I'm going through and knows how to fix or at least the path to reach a solution. I love my husband but his suggestions aren't realistic sometimes.

Kristina: Sounds like an amazing friendship! Finish this sentence: For me, writing is like

Boone: a lovingly abusive relationship. Sometimes there are days I wonder why I do this. Then something wonderful happens, like finishing a book, getting a great review, or a nice royalty check and then it's all sunshine and butterflies again. Being an author is like a roller ride. Sometimes it's a thrill of a lifetime and sometimes I'm sick afterwards. (and feel free to expand on your answer, doesn't have to be just one word)

Kristina: I hear ya! Tell us one interesting/funny/crazy thing about this book or its characters that didn't make in 'between the covers'?

Boone: Actually, everything made it into the book and much more. What wasn't originally in the story was the prologue and the section where the Bringer capture Icarus, son of the Demon King. I really like that addition.

About the Book:

Rell has lived in the Shadow World for thirteen years as a Demon Bane, the formerly vivacious young woman now the demonic enemy of the immortal Bringers. But when she is given the chance to become human again—and a full-powered Bringer—Rell isn’t sure if it’s better to be a demon in the Shadow World or to risk her life for her humanity.

For two years, Siban had been tortured in the Bane prison, only to fall in love with the beautiful demon who helped him escape. Tormented by the thought of never seeing her again, he maintains a life of solitude. So, when Rell’s human body is rescued from the Shadow World, he will do anything to be with her—even if it means challenging death to become a Bringer, too.

But once their Bringer transformations and training are completed, Siban and Rell must join a mission to go
deep in the Shadow World to rescue others trapped by the Demon Bane King. And what they discover destroys everything they knew about the Demon Bane. The lovers must learn to trust themselves, each other, and their new powers if they’re going to make it out alive.


Ravyn placed her hands on his forehead and raised her voice, shouting, “Avec mea!”
From Siban’s throat rose a white vapor. It hovered a foot above his mouth and then descended to cover his face. The sensation of being branded scorched the skin under his lower lip. After a few seconds, the white vapor evaporated completely. Siban gasped, drinking in the cool, perfumed air, and collapsed against the table. All traces of pain and the ribbons of healing light disappeared. The blood pounded in his ears, and his heart raced. He waited, expecting another wave of agony, but none came.
Gregory stared down at him and then smiled. He touched his index finger against the skin directly below Siban’s lower lip. “A Tell.”
The spot burned and Siban flinched away, pressing the back of his hand to the area and trying to numb the sting, knowing he now bore a the single black line of the Tell. “Are you finished?”
“Did you want something more?” Gregory smirked. “Perhaps you would have preferred I plunge the dagger into your heart?”
Siban’s craned his head to look at Ravyn. “Expected, not preferred.”
Ravyn cleared her throat. “It seems actually stabbing somebody in the heart isn’t required to bring a person to full power.”
“That would have been nice to know.” Luc scowled at her and rubbed his chest.
She shrugged. “Sorry. If it’s any consolation, I did it to myself as well.”
Siban struggled to sit up, spreading the herbs along the edge of the table and knocking some of them to the ground. He looked at his chest. A thin red line stretched from his sternum to his left side, but there was no blood. “What was that white smoke? I felt like I was choking.”
“Think of it as a net that encased your powers. Due to generations of Bringers breeding with humans, the Bringer 10 Boone Brux essence within us becomes bound. The ceremony severs that bond.” He pointed to Siban’s cut. “It will be healed by morning and the only evidence of the ceremony will be your Tell mark.” Gregory placed a hand on Siban’s shoulder. “How do you feel?”
How did he feel? It was difficult to put into words. New vitality hummed through his body, as if a million tiny sparks had snapped against his skin, leaving their tingling reminder. Even his head felt clear, unfettered from the nightmares and dark thoughts that had been his constant companion since his imprisonment in the Shadow World. “Better.”
“You are a master of the understated,” Rhys said, handing Siban his shirt.
“Thank you.” Siban slid the tunic over his head and shook his chin-length curls from his eyes. “When will you heal Rell?”
“Tonight.” Gregory placed the dagger back on the table. “That will give you time to rest. She will need all of our strength.”
“I will be there.” Nothing would keep him from Rell’s side.
“Good.” The king faced him. “I don’t foresee her transformation to be as easy as yours.”
“I’ll give her whatever strength I have.” He scooted from the table. His legs quivered, and he grabbed the edge of the wood in an effort not to stumble. Gregory reached for him, but Siban waved him away and straightened. “I’m all right.”
“Then come to the house and eat.” Willa, Rell’s mother, stepped from the shadows. Her white-blond hair glimmered in the candlelight and her eyes sparkled with determination. “We’re all going to need to fortify ourselves if we plan on saving my daughter.”
Though he wasn’t the least bit hungry, under no circumstance would Siban contradict Willa once she’d made a command. The woman was fire and ice mixed into a tiny, unassuming package. He was fairly certain Willa would have gone into the bowels of the Shadow World herself to bring back her daughter’s body if Luc and Jade hadn’t beaten her to it. Such fierce loyalty was a trait he understood and respected. He nodded.
“I am coming, my lady.”

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About Boone: Boone Brux’s writing drips with experiences from real life. Addicted to anything that might make a good story, she weaves tales ranging from dark fantasy to humorous romance. Settled in the icy regions of Alaska with the love of her life and twin daughters, it’s not uncommon to find her tapping away on her iPad on a windy beach or the barren tundra. Be warned, everyone is fodder for one of Boone’s novels.

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