A Day in the Life - January

A Day in the Life of Kristina starts at the computer
Hi, All! So, I'm adding a new post to my roster of things I post about. I joined together with a group of new (and old) friends and each month, we're doing a Day in the Life - we choose a day, take photos throughout our day and then post our Day in the Life on the 24th of each month. There will be links at the bottom of this post so you can hop on to see some more posts and meet some more nice peoples.

Without further ado...here's my Day in the Life (January 17, 2014):

Book flats - gotta love 'em
Drawers of Awesome SWAG
This is a slightly abnormal Day in the Life because bebe was out of school & RadioMan was heading out of town for a basketball tournament. It all started out normally, though, with what I call Reader Fun Time. This includes me signing book flats and getting prize packages ready to send.

And then, because he was headed out of town for 3.5 days, RadioMan absconded with bebe for a daddy daughter lunch. Which was nice because I just started a new project ... which entails plotting and pinteresting pics of hawt men (& knit wear & kissy-face pictures) ....

And then RadioMan was back with bebe and packing the truck, so Mommy-duties kicked in. This included Snacks (yogurt and, yeah, am aware she'd eaten lunch barely an hour before but when a girl wants yogurt Mommy offers yogurt). As we were noshing, bebe glanced out the window and realized it was snowing. Hard. Which meant no outside playing (for her) and so we watched a movie. Halfway through the dog had to go out...and I had to shovel a path to make sure she could get out.

 When I got back inside, bebe had assumed her version of Thinker Position while watching Snow Day (silly girl, every time it snows, that movie comes out). I love that movie and now bebe thinks it's ultra-hilarious that the kids in that movie are trying to get a second snow day - because the week after Christmas Break, she had a 4-day snow-a-thon. Yeah, winter is long here.

Anywho, we had a movie-thon of sorts - a couple princess flicks through in for good measure - and movie night means pizza. Which made me think of dinner, in general, and how I've been kind of burned out on our usual stuff. Tacos and spaghetti and salads and steaks and chicks are great but sometimes you need variety. Which led me back to the computer to find some new recipes. By the time I'd found four potential new recipes (they'll be tried over the next month, I'll report on the response later), it was past 9pm and bebe was tired and I was tired and the dog was already asleep. So, as soon as RadioMan called to let us know he'd arrived at the tournament, we headed to bed.

And that is a Day of my Life from January, 2014. Technically this is 11 pictures rather than 14, but RadioMan didn't want you guys to see him packing ... and I couldn't get my timer mechanism to work so you could see me actually using the snowblower. Next month, there will be 14 pics. Pinkie promise. Maybe we'll try a theme of some sort for February...after all it's Love Month. Hope you enjoyed your glimpse into my life ... click on over to Sara's Place to continue on the tour.

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