Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Courtesy: Reuters
In case you missed it, there is a Polar Vortex affecting a LOT of the US right now. So much that Niagara Falls has frozen over ... and bebe has been out of school for the past 4 days. At this point, I'm thinking school might be back in session in, oh, March. *sigh*

Actually, I'm counting my blessings - being a full-time writer means I get to stay home with her. I don't need to worry about baby sitters or taking time off work. And, while I'm not super-productive when she's underfoot, I also know that once school is back in session I will have plenty of time to catch up/make up the lost words.

Courtesy: Reuters
By the way, aren't these images of the Frozen Falls beautiforous? Yeah, I think so, too...and to the photographer who shot them for Reuters, I salute you. I remember those oh-so-cold mornings lugging around my TV equipment, wading through snow drifts and sliding over ice to get just the right shot. Your job is hard and you do it well!

I love living in the North. I love the seasons, the changing of the leaves, the fact that even in the heat of summer we're likely to get a breezy 70 degree day. Right now, though, I'd give an eyetooth for a temperature gauge that read above freezing.

Yes, I would.

How are we spending our days? I've done a bit of outlining for a new project that I can't wait to share with you guys (cowboys and Vegas and feisty girls, oh, my!) and I'm getting ready to re-release one of my backlist - new cover, new scenes, new editing, YAY! and we're reading. A lot. We're reading bebe's favorite books, I've gotten a great headstart on my planned reading for 2014 (200 books this year? No problem!) and today bebe says we need to write a book. So, there's that, too.

I stumbled on this infographic about reading on Facebook (thanks to the fab Selena Laurence) and it kind of makes me sad. Because apparently our family is one of few reading families in the US. I love reading and that feeds my love of writing. We're trying to instill a love of reading to bebe (and so far it seems to be working) because, in my opinion, a book that sweeps me away from my worries or just takes me on an adventure is the absolute best way to spend time.

So, question to you: are you diligent readers? Do you read anything and everything? What is your favorite way to spend a cold day?

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