Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hiya, gang! Long time, no talk, eh? I have to tell you going 'dark' over here through the holidays was H.A.R.D. Seriously! It was also incredibly refreshing. We might just make this a yearly habit. Speaking of yearly habits...

Did you make any New Year's Resolutions this year? How ya doing? Oh, Me?

Nope, I'm not a resolutions kind of girl. For one very specific reason: I don't think resolutions are something that need to only happen on December 31/January 1. I think resolutions (or goals) are something you can make, meet, re-do any time of the year, and I think looking at them in a kind of always moving, always changing frame of mind is quite healthy.

And I think many of us (former resolution maker, raising my hand) initially set ourselves up for failure when we make a big deal of setting goals only once per year. I can't tell you the number of times I resolved to 1) lose weight or 2) get a promotion or 3) sign a new book contract. And within three weeks I was only down a pound (and incredibly discouraged) and another was chosen for the job I wanted (and I was discouraged) and word was very slow coming about a new contract (and I just kind of gave up).

Those are not productive, moving forward kinds of actions. You know why I had them? Because I was making something a goal that I had no control of. Okay, on the weight loss, I was in control (and still am). But, really, when you're shooting for a new job or a new contract, you're not in control of the final decision. Sure, you put your best foot forward, but in the end another person (or persons) make the final decision.

When I finally realized that I wasn't in control of the resolutions I was making, I had a mindset change, and a pretty big one: I make goals and I make them year-round. I have daily goals for the writing, weekly, monthly, quarterly. I have business goals, sales goals. I have personal goals. When I meet a goal (like finishing a book or signing a new contract), I adjust. I make new goals based on where I want to go next and if I don't hit a goal post, I adjust and try again. The best part of my new system? I'm constantly making goals, meeting goals, trying again ... and if the worst happens, I don't wait until the next December 31/January 1 to revise my plan.

How about you? A New Year's Resolution Maker? How are you doing with your goals?