A Day In The Life - February

I'm back again with another Day in the Life post. Throughout 2014 a group of new (and old) friends and I are documenting our lives through photography: one day each month (the 4th) we take 14 pictures and then on the 24th of the same month we blog about that day.

I decided to make February a theme - and since its Valentine's Month I thought love would be good...and then I went a little farther and decided I'd photograph a few of my favorite things. Admit it, you guys are singing 'raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens' aren't you? Yeah, me, too.

February 4 was also a snow day, so my Favorite Things theme got even more narrowed to snow and dogs and the kiddo. Here we go:

First, snow. As much as I've been not excited whining about snow since January 1, when it came to us and never went away, I do love snow. I like the quiet of a snow-filled night, especially if the snow has just stopped. You can step outside and just feel the newness of the evening.

Second, snow days. Okay, so I've done more than my fair share of whining about snow days. When you
work from home you have a routine. When you have a 5-year-old that kid is on a schedule. When that schedule is disrupted...yeah, whine. Anywho, we've have 10 snow days plus 4 more 'scheduled' days off since January. We've kind of created out own new routine, which includes yogurt and cartoons on the couch, 'home school' (reading/spelling/math worksheets I find online) and plenty of silly play time. We also try to keep bedtime and wake-up on the same schedule...some days that is much easier than others. But we try.

Third, puppies. We have a new member of our family and her name is Hazel (bebe's choice, we have no idea where the name came from). She's a Shih Tzu
and she's about 10 weeks old right now when means house training (paper training, really, because it's been too cold for her to even go outside), lots of chewing and play time. Hazel and our older dog, Angel, who is an American Eskimo/Corgi cross, are getting along well. Although there are days when Angel doesn't want to play so she climbs up on a couch or a chair and ignores Hazel...but mostly they are silly together. Hazel chases Angel. Angel pretends to attack. Hazel rolls over on her back, legs in the air and surrenders...and it all starts again.

And there you have it, a (snow) day in the life of Kristina...how hop on along to Jessie's place to meet some great photographers and fun ladies.


  1. Not till this week was I able to empathize with the consecutive snow days. three cheers for you! Your bebe is such a doll- I can feel her sweet energy looking at her pictures.

  2. she's awesome, Clair, to use an 80s word! lol At first the consecutive days were fun ... then... yeah. Not so much!


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