#FlashGiveaway and Cover Love, Oh My!

Hi, my lovely peoples! So this is a very exciting week!

First, it's release week for my latest contemporary romance Mr. Right Now - a vacation romance with a mistaken identity twist...silliness, sexiness...it's all in there.

Second, we're coming up on a rather large milestone over on ye olde Facebook page - 725 likes! We only need a couple more likes over there and then Kristina gets crazy giving stuff away.

What am I giving away? Books, of course! Once we hit the magic #725, I'm going to randomly choose 5 names and each person wins a copy of my backlist - which includes hot cowboys, hot surfers, one verra steamy journalist and enough strong, feisty but still a little unsure heriones who will have you rooting for them from page 1. How do you like my Facebook page? This link will take you there and then just click the 'like' button. Easy as pie!

And, finally, all three of my Texas books are on sale - for a limited time you can pick up each book for just $1.99. At the regular prices ($4.99) that's like buying 2, getting 1 free and still having enough for that fancy schmancy coffee.

Okay, that's all my news (for now)...I do have a question for you: where is your favorite vacation spot? Answer in the comments for a chance to win an e-copy of Mr. Right Now!


  1. My favorite vacation spot? I hope I haven't found it yet lol, but for now, Florida.

  2. And it has so many options! :) Thanks for coming by, Margery!

  3. My favorite vacation spot I've ever been is NYC, but since that's a once in a lifetime--or maybe twice, my affordable option is Surrey, BC. It's right over the Washington border on I-5, and so pretty, and the people are nice. When Kristen played tournament softball, we went up every May for four years and stayed in a tropical looking--you know, for Canada--hotel called the Pink Palace. It's just the best getaway. MMmmm, now I want to go.

    I also went to a writer's conference in October in Surrey. Different hotel, same great experience.

  4. sounds beautiful, Margie! I've never been to NYC...one of these days...


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