Monday, March 24, 2014

A Day In My Life - March

Hi, everyone! I'm back with another A Day In My Life you regular readers know, I joined a blog-circle in 2014 and have met some new friends along the way. The blog circle is a group of friends and moms who love photography. We set aside 1 day each month to photo-document what we do and then we all share our 'day' through a blog.

This month, I decided to do something a little different. We have a new baby nephew and I was planning to make him a quilt...well, he came into the world a little earlier than expected, which meant I needed to work fast on that quilt.

He's a superhero kind of boy, so I chose fabric with Batman and Superman as the main characters and then a comic-y/universe-y coordinating fabric for the sashing/binding/backing.

My favorite part of making a quilt is deciding where all the pieces go. There is a kind of mindlessness to cutting the squares. It lets me think - sometimes I think about books I'm writing, sometimes I just let memories wash over me. Sometimes I'm interrupted by an oh-so-helpful 5 year old. Once I have the layout, though, comes the fun part.

Piecing it all together. This particular quilt is called a 'book quilt' - at least that is what I call it. I've made several of these, and all of them have been quilted from fabric meant to make a soft-book - I like it because it's simple. Cut the squares, figure out the layout and width for the sashing and binding and you're ready to go. For this one I liked how it looked to alternate the superheros. Added benefit - Batman has a blue background and Superman a white, so it made a nice pattern. By the way, the Batman/Superman fabric wasn't technically from a soft book, but because of the uniform square sizes and because many of the squares had words, I made it work.

Once the top was all pieced together came the difficult part - cutting the backing and laying it out with batting and the topper. My mother-in-law helped (a lot) with this and she has this stuff that kind of glues the backing to the batting and the batting to the topper - makes it a LOT easier than using safety pins to get through 3 layers of fabric/batting!

We laid the quilt out on the dining room table: batting on the bottom, the glue stuff, batting, more glue, topper. Made sure the layers were flat and not wrinkled and then back to the sewing room to stitch in the ditch.

Technically, I'm not finished, but all that is left is putting on the binding and then the quilt is ready to go. This is such an easy pattern to do - seriously, you could finish a quilt in a day. I did all the cutting and sewing of the squares in 2 hours, cut the backing/laid it out and quilted it in another 2 hours. I didn't have the binding made, which is why we had to stop. But that is a day in the life of this quilt (and me). Hope you had fun! And, yes, I'll post a picture of the final product once the binding is on and it's ready to mail!

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