Thursday, March 27, 2014

#Giveaway Winners + All. The. Books.

Hiya, gang! So, we have a winner! I participated in the Springtime in the Country blog hop over this past week - and we have winners! The Randomizer pulled 3 names from its hat, to win copies of my backlist books - yay! Those winners are Andrea I, Cathy Brockman and Janice H. Look for an email from me and let me know which book you'd like to claim, winners!

There are more winners - all the blogs in the hop had prized plus the hosts are offering up a $100 gift card to head over to Cowboy Charm to see if you won anything else!

And, on to the apologies I mentioned in the post title - my blog is going to be quite sporadic over the next few weeks because I have All. The. Books. Seriously. All of them!

As you guys know I sold a novella trilogy to the Harlequin E lines just after the holidays. Well, those books have been turned in and edits are beginning to come through. The first of the books is set to release in May/June (I'll have an actual release date and cover SOON - more yay!), the second in the fall and then the third will release just before or just after Christmas. Boy, that's fast!

In addition to the novella trilogy, I'm absolutely THRILLED to tell you guys that I've sold 3 more books to Harlequin - for their SuperRomance line! And I have another writing project that I can't talk about yet - it's super-secret but it also had a deadline. Whee! 2014 is off to a crazy-good start! I absolutely love SuperRomances, and have since I was a kid. They are longer books (around 85,000 words) and they deal with real life issues, characters, families. There are big supporting casts and the books can be quirky and fun or very serious and dramatic. There is so much variety that no book is ever like any I'm stretching my wings!

That is 6 contracted books coming from me, to you, over the next 18-24 months plus the super-secret project. Which is amazing and wonderful and I'm so excited. But this, of course, means less time to blog and more time working on my characters and stories - because I have to write the books!

So, I'll still be blogging, interviewing other authors, doing cover reveals and offering up sneak-peeks...but I won't be here very Tuesday/Thursday like you've all become accustomed to. I'm sorry! On the other hand, less blogging means more Kristina books - and that's a good thing, right?