Where Did All The Fortunes Go?

You know what I wonder? Where have all the fortunes gone?

Last week RadioMan and I headed to our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch because we can't go with bebe - she hasn't yet discovered the wondrousness of good Chinese food. Lunch? Great, as always, despite the fact that they discontinued 2 of RadioMan's favorite dishes.

But at the end of the meal, we only got our check. We didn't get Fortune Cookies. Don't they know a meal is always supposed to be followed by cookies? And that said cookies are always made sweeter by the wise words of Confucious, or whatever distant relative is penning them?

Apparently not. We paid and asked. The lady pointed to a bowl and said we could have a few. But isn't the point of the fortune cookie to have them handed to you? It just seems...strange to me to pick your own fortune cookie. I mean, how can you know that your latent psychic senses aren't picking out the cookie with the fortune that will make you feel the best about that particular moment in time?

Am I right?

Still we played along and RadioMan randomly grabbed a cookie and handed it to me and I grabbed one and handed it to him. So we kind of got real fortunes...except we didn't. Instead of a quippy, insightful statement - you know, like the fortunes I've gotten (and saved - I save fortunes, y'all) in the past these were just listings of lucky numbers. pshaw Lucky numbers, as Sheldon Cooper would say, is pure hokum.

Do you like fortune cookies? And do your local places still offer them?

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